Battle cry
Fág an bealach! pronounced “Faug-a-bollagh,”
is a Gaelic term meaning “Clear the way!”


Weapon of choice for hand-to-hand combat
The lancea -  a six foot spear with a large spearhead. 
Additional weapons
Short throwing spears called gaesum. 
Personal protection
A leather-covered wooden shield that was four feet tall and one and a half feet wide
You would have decorated this with paint and metal trim. 
Most prized possession
Once you had fought your way to the top of the Warrior class,
you would have earned the right to carry a sword by your side.


Fighting Style
You would have placed great value on individual skill with weapons and heroic feats during battle. Your clan would have relied on brute force to overpower their enemies rather than clever strategies or elaborate tactics. At the beginning of a battle, you would make a terrifying noise by hitting your weapons against your shields, by screaming and singing, and by blowing horns and beating drums. After raising a deafening noise, you would rush at your enemies and try to defeat them by overrunning them. Despite being disorganized after the initial onslaught, your warrior group always fought ferociously to the end, even when the battle was already lost.


The Celtics principle attire was woolen clothes sewn in plaids with muted colors. pants called braecci were worn (kilts were not invented yet). A tunic (a long shirt that hung down to your thighs) and a long cloak draped over your shoulders. A piece of leather was tied on each foot. A leather belt was used to hold up your pants, with a second belt around your tunic to hold your sword. Prior to battle you might paint yourself in blue woad (a plant dye) and then run into battle naked.


Body type
Celtic were frequently tall, with red or blond hair that was thick and long.  Before battle, it was customary to put lime in your hair. The lime would both bleach and harden your hair as it dried, providing a protective crown that could deflect glancing blows from a weapon in battle.


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